OneIndiana at work for Indiana Taxpayers

In 2005, Governor Mitch Daniels launched Operating with New Efficiency – OneIndiana -- an initiative to leverage the purchasing power of state agencies to ultimately save money for Indiana taxpayers. It was one of the Governor’s efforts to unify state agencies to work more efficiently for Hoosier taxpayers by delivering the best quality and cost-effective goods and services.

OneIndiana is a strategic purchasing approach that works. By agencies working together and taking advantage of state-negotiated Quantity Purchasing Agreements (QPAs), the State’s volume purchasing has meant lower prices on thousands of goods and services from hundreds of vendors. This translates into millions of dollars of savings for Hoosier taxpayers. Some examples of savings since mid-2006 include:

  • Over $4 million on computer equipment
  • $4.3 million on office supplies
  • Over $1.5 million in communication equipment

OneIndiana puts purchasing power to work for you

Now organizations like yours – cities and towns, public schools, county agencies, public libraries, to name a few – can use OneIndiana to save money on goods and services, while helping save taxpayers even more.

OneIndiana makes purchasing products for your organization easier and more economical. The State will provide your organization three complimentary licenses* to OneIndiana, giving you access to hundreds of state-negotiated QPAs, organized into convenient, online catalogs. When you log in to the program’s new, streamlined Web site,, you’ll find:

  • Quick and easy online searching for the products you need
  • Low prices on thousands of products
  • Access to hundreds of vendors in one convenient location.

*Additional log-in licenses are available for a small monthly fee

OneIndiana also provides a free spend analysis that reviews your spend in select areas and provides direct pricing comparisons to the state’s QPAs in select categories. You’ll see where OneIndiana offers you the greatest potential savings on the types of purchases your organization makes. You can look at an even broader range of your spend with a fee-based spend analysis, which will give you more in-depth savings analysis.

More features. More savings.

You can upgrade OneIndiana to a more in-depth e-Procurement system, customizing features and tools to fit your organization’s purchasing process. You can:

  • Make purchases through OneIndiana
  • Create customized online catalogs that include your own vendors in addition to the State’s QPA vendors, giving you the ability to comparison shop at the point of purchase.
  • Automate workflow and policies to track and enforce internal purchasing procedures.
  • Track spending habits and trends with detailed reports.
  • Automate cost allocation and integrate into back-end accounting software.

Spend more, save more

When your organization starts saving with OneIndiana, Hoosier taxpayers do too. Governor Daniels understands the power of leveraging statewide spend. By unifying our spend together on common goods and services, the State is able to negotiate better prices and give vendors more incentive to offer deeper discounts and enhanced services. OneIndiana works because the more we spend together, the more Hoosier taxpayers save.

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